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They say that doing this will bring luck to the owner of the wallet. Ghost Month and Other Beliefs About.Neither should a new house overlap any portion of an old house.

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A conceiving woman should only be shown photographs of beautiful women and handsome men in order to give birth to a beautiful baby.Here is a look back at some popular wives tales and superstitions.A pregnant woman must not attend funerals, have her picture taken, or stand under doorways for it will lead to a difficult delivery or even death of the baby.

In the case of a woman it means loyalty when it comes to love.It is also said that if you offer a new wallet to your friends,.But if the first sound is that of a goat, a cow or a carabao (water buffalo), the year ahead will be prosperous.To bring good luck to a child, its first extracted milk tooth is hidden under the roof.Exploding firecrackers and ringing bells at the stroke of midnight on New Year will bring good luck.For both men and women, a mole on the corner of the eye where the tears flow means the person will always survive his or her mate and marry many times.

New Years Traditions and Superstitions from around the world.Larders must be topped up and plenty of money must be placed in every wallet in the home to guarantee prosperity.

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Say if a woman likes to eat pork a lot, she might give birth to a baby that looks like a pig or has a hairy birthmark just like the skin of a pig.To make a house typhoon-resistant, the posts should be turned clockwise before being permanently cemented and secured.Some make sense, while most are just weird. If you buy a new wallet,.

Rahukaalam (or Rahu kala) is an inauspicious period of time every.

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The owner of a new house that has been superimposed on an old house will have a short life.A spoon that accidentally drops on the floor means that an unexpected female visitor will arrive.

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She must not leave the house at sundown or twilight without wearing a shawl on her head to prevent giving birth to a bald child.Before a dead person is buried his shoes or slippers must be removed and placed beside his legs so that St.A mole on the neck means lung problems but also a big inheritance.Old Wives Tales, Superstitions. change holder, wallet even a money clip it should have money in it to insure it will never.

A black butterfly flitting inside the house will bring death in the household.Bills should be arranged neatly inside the wallet or purse from the largest to the smallest denomination in such a way that when you open your wallet the first to be seen will be the largest bill.Raining on New Year means prosperity and a bountiful harvest for the year.Holding up to 24 cards, the Wonder Wallet is the best way to keep your wallet organized.The foundation of a post should be bathed with the blood of a pig or white chicken to appease the spirits presiding on the land on which the house was erected.Whatever one does on New Year, whether constructive or counter-productive, will determine how he will fare for the rest of the year.Believe it or Not Money Superstitions. Giving a wallet to someone as a gift without some token money.Breast-feeding mothers should drink a lot of milk to produce a good supply of milk.

This particular superstition is not as popular as it once was, since.A mole on the hips signifies that the person will have many children, has a sound health, is industrious and has forbearance.

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When I asked her why she completely dismisses the wallet superstition,.If, however, the aforementioned rung coincides with mata, it will bring bad luck.Such superstitions cover all departments of life like building a house, birth, romance, marriage, how to attract good luck and shoo away bad luck, promotion of sound health and avoiding sickness, and superstitions on death itself.Pregnant women should bathe in the afternoon to prevent hypertension.As a stopgap measure, doors can be built parallel to walls so that money entering the house will stay in the house and be saved.Garlic should be hung near the windows and the husband must always keep a stingray tail in the bedroom to discourage vampires from entering it and eating the foetus.

If a pregnant woman eats eggplants her baby will have violet discolorations on its skin, while eating twin bananas will cause her to give birth to twins.Superstitions And Magical Thinking: How Irrational Beliefs Keep Us. to buy a house where. 10 million and carried it in his wallet until he could.Among the Ilocanos dreaming of the loss of a hat, broken earrings and clothes swept away by a river current will mean the death of a relative or close friend.

Never let money pass through a window because money will run away from you.One of the superstitions that some ppl have about handbags is they can only buy bags that are. give a handbag or wallet as. any handbag superstitions.Sleeping in front of a mirror can cause the death of that person whose soul might get trapped in the mirror.

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The counting should start from the bottom rung and end on the topmost rung.

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A mirror placed on the wall facing the main door of a house will deflect good luck that enters the house.An injury to a construction worker while a house or building is being erected is an omen of bad luck that can be neutralized by killing a pig or a white chicken and sacrificing its blood to the spirits.Doors should always be on the right side of the house and the stairs should always turn to the right to keep a married couple loyal to each other for life.

What is the reason behind the superstition or saying that anything you.In a woman a mole near the navel means she will bear a lot of children, while in a man it means that he will always be energetic.If one accidentally bites his tongue people are talking about him.

Place mint leaves in a pillowcase or under the pillow for prophetic dreams.If the pregnant woman hops over her husband, her morning sickness will transfer to her husband.This practice originated from the Ilocanos of Northern Luzon.

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If someone is given a gift of a wallet or purse and it contains no money, the receiver will have bad luck.A mole on the back of the neck means that the person is a liar and is an unfaithful lover.

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No part of the house should cover or hang over the stump of a newly cut tree.

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If you want to buy,. as the likelihood of your wallet being stolen is very very low.

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Buying a car on the thirteenth of any month. Giving someone a purse or wallet, unless you put a coin in it.

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To give someone a purse or wallet without money in it will bring that person bad luck.Erecting a house in front of a dead-end street will bring bad luck to its occupants, whether it is the original owners or tenants.Dreaming of an extracted tooth means death of a close relative.