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The hectoliter equals 100 liters, 0.1 cubic meter, 26.417 U.S. liquid gallons, 21.999.Volume unit conversion between liter and gallon (US), gallon (US) to liter conversion in batch, L gal (US) conversion chart.

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This converter provides conversion of gallons to liters (gal to l) and backwards.

The Liters to Gallons Calculator will convert liters (litres) to gallons with just the click of a button.Liters to US Gallons (Liquid) (L to US gal lqd) conversion calculator for Volume conversions with additional tables and formulas.

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Canadian fuel is sold by the litre, convert it to US gallons with our volume conversion tool.

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Instantly Convert Litres (L) to Gallons (u.s. Fluid) (gal (US)) and Many More Volume Conversions Online.Convert from liters to gallons (uk) and gallons (uk) to liters with this handy conversion tool.Gallons to liters conversion factors are listed below (for US, UK and for both fluid and dry measurements).

Gallon to Liter ( US Gal to L ) and Liters to Liquid Gallons Online Conversion Calculator - Converter.

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Gallons and liters are the most common units used to measure gasoline volume.This metric system conversion calculator for volume can be used for converting: - cubic meters to cubic feet - gallons to liters.

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In this example, we are converting common units of volume from gallons to liters.

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Using the gallons to liter converter is as easy as entering in the number of.Define gallon: a unit of liquid capacity equal to 231 cubic inches or four quarts. a unit of liquid measurement equal to four U.S. quarts or 3.785 liters:.

Online calculator converting the cost of gasoline in Canada from cents per litre in Canadian dollars to dollars per Canadian Gallon, dollars per US Gallon and US.One liter equals 0.26 U.S. gallon or 0.219 Imperial gallon. (MORE).In Units of Measure, Cooking Measurements, Volume, Weight and Mass.The conversions on this site will not be accurate enough for all applications.Hello, I read in my Webster dictionnary that there is 4.54 liters in a Gallon.

In Canada, metric volume is measured mainly in milliliter and liters.Instant online volume units of gallon (US) to liter conversion.

US Gallons (Liquid) to Liters conversion chart - Volume