Vazquez and Putin reaffirm that they will fight terrorism

The two have a seat in the UN Security Council (UN). The body where global security policies are defined has as protagonist, and the other as a new Member of not permanently. One leads a country of nearly 144 million of people. The other decided to leave the world to attract investment and to strengthen bilateral relations with the world powers.

The Uruguayan President, Tabaré Vázquez, and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, met yesterday in Moscow to start talks by the signing of bilateral investment protection treaties and agreed to reaffirm its clear stance against terrorism, and work for global disarmament and prevent the proliferation of weapons nuclear.

Putin looks at Vazquez at the Conference that gave after meeting. Photo: EFE

at the press conference that offered subsequent to the meeting, the Russian President stressed the active role taken by Uruguay in the UN Security Council. “The relationship between our countries is high and very active in almost all areas”, said Putin.
The President Vazquez said part of the discussion with Putin on the issue. “In the multilateral field, Uruguay and Russia maintain important lines of working together, both in the field of disarmament in the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, as well as to the fight against terrorism, and promotion and protection of human rights, among other issues”.
recalled that Uruguay is participating for the second time in the Security Council, and that in that sense he shared with Russia “the same positioning at the international level, in the defense of principles and common values, love of freedom, democracy and social justice”.

“In that frame we had a space of cooperation with Russia.” We hope to maintain such link throughout the year and especially in may, instance in which we will be putting pressure

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