Ecomoving introduces market of “bicycles”

Social and environmental impact through the commercialisation of a product. It is the objective of Juan Sequeira, co-founder of Ecomoving, a company B seeking to innovate in the market of urban bicycles in Uruguay.

The secret is in your product – a bicycle with pedal-assist – as in the philosophy of entrepreneurship. «We seek that product change life to many people because the company’s success is measured in the impact that has on people,» he said.

Sequeira imported the idea of Spain makes four years and it ended from gestate in Maldonado. Today also developed its business and products in Sinergía Tech.

A time key in the company was in the middle of 2016 when signed an agreement with Legend, multinational manufacturer of bicycles, by which is transformed in representative of that brand for Latin America. Anyway, Sequeira said that the role of Ecomoving is not only the sale of bicycles, but also works on the development of products such as accessories. «Missing bikes by make. We are developing three products and two bicycles that do not exist in the world. We make adjustments according to the profile of the consumer,”he said.

A unlike electric bicycles, Ecomoving are pedal-assist. This means that even though they have a motor only move with the pedaling of the user and do not exceed the 25 kilometers per hour. The motor function is to attend, give more strength and speed and decrease the effort of the driver, but if you stop pedaling the bicycle stops. As for the battery, it has a maximum of 70 km durability.

Currently offers three models: Monza (shot 20), Milan and Siena (shot 24). They are functional for the transfer in the city and to be folding, adapt to the fact that people “have increasingly less space in their homes», said Sequeira.

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