Dominican Republic highlights “solidity” of its economy facing threats external

Dominican Republic said today that the “solidity and robustness” of its economy will allow you to respond “positively” to the threats and external uncertainties that said the Mission of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that was recently in the country.

The administrative Minister of the Presidency, Jose Ramon Peralta, said that the report of the international agency places emphasis on the strength of the Dominican economy for the immediate future. Held that also highlights the growth of the economy local facing the others of America Latin.

“Once more the International Monetary Fund highlights the strength of our economy; “also tells us that we must care for some threats and designates the maintenance of fiscal consolidation, that is, debt, and suggests certain adjustments that we take”, said Peralta in an official document.

Noted that the uncertainties to which is refers the IMF are of character external, not national, as them prices of the barrel of the oil and the rates of interest to level international since can affect to the country in a time determined.

About this, said that the Government authorities remain vigilant preemptively.

To expand its considerations in the former context, said that we must be aware of issues that could negatively impact any nation of the world that is.

“Fortunately, in the past four years, our economy has had enough Government balance so that, in a context in which Latin America has stalled or has decreased, this country enjoys a sustained growth”, assessed.

In his view, that has allowed economic growth “suitable”, reflected in the creation of 480,000 jobs; take more than 900,000 people from poverty; more than 300,000 loan origination; and welfare generated by supporting producers recipient visits surprise that promotes.

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