ANCAP: “that fall who have that fall”, said the fiscal

The investigation into alleged irregularities in Ancap, the cause around the airline Pluna, and scams in Conmebol which led to the imprisonment of Eugenio Figueredo, are some of the cases which were in charge of the Maria of the angels road tax. However, a week before the Justice’s organized crime begin with interrogation involved dollar losses of the State oil company, the Prosecutor requested his transfer to another site by health issues.

The news shocked and upset to the Prosecutor of the Court, Jorge Díaz. “It was a bucket of cold water”, said yesterday in a press conference and announced that a new tax that gives the highest guarantees all the political system for the delicacy of the issues that will face shall be appointed in the next few hours.

Diaz remarked that understands the sensitivity of the issue and that is working to designate to the person more indicated to occupy the place.

Admitted that the Office of the Attorney-General is concerned that almost a year has passed since the complaint by Ancap and aspires to that process is affected as little as possible.

A turn, pledged to give all the possible guarantees to the process: “the prosecution assumes responsibility that has to assume, and we want to go to the ultimate consequences and which go to the ultimate consequences, which falls to whoever has to fall,” emphasized.

The news also caused surprise and concern in leaders of the parties of the opposition that presented it denounces by Ancap.

Diaz communicated by phone with Senators of all parties of the opposition to informal personally the news before that to emerge by means of press. Also communicated with the Secretary of the Presidency, Miguel Angel takes to inform you.

“The Prosecutor’s Office was working in the new code of Penal Procedure, and how you were going to take on the transformation. An event of this nature puts us in a complex situation”.

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