2016 IPOs resurged on the Stock Exchange

With a month off for Prosegur Cash to debut on the stock market, the four companies that jumped to the parquet last year are up 5% to 12% in 2017. If you look at the behavior since its stock market premieres, Dominion shines on its own , With more than 24% recorded from its IPO.

The companies that jumped to the Stock Market last year have awakened from their lethargy this exercise, after a 2016 with more shadows than lights.

With a month to go before Prosegur Cash kicks off the 2017 stock market premiere on 16 March, it is worth checking what has happened to the latest IPOs. This year, the four IPOs of 2016 are giving cheers: Coca-Cola Europe, Telepizza, Global Dominion and Parques Reunidos are up more than 5% in 2017, more than double the General Index, which adds 2%.

“The four companies have benefited from the increased risk appetite in recent months in the park and in addition many investors consider that these companies were quoted at attractive prices after the weak behavior registered by the majority in 2016,” says Julian Benavente , Of CM Capital Markets.

Coca-Cola, at the head of recent climbing
Of the four most recent companies in the stock market, the Coca-Cola European Partners bottler is the best performer this year: its shares are up more than 11% by the beginning of January, and could increase by an additional 6%, according to Consensus of analysts consulted by Bloomberg.
J.P. GandulEFE
Atl Capital includes the value of your favorite bets for 2017, as it believes the company has good growth prospects, due to the synergies that it expects to continue generating as a result of the integration of its three partners.

The value is quoted at highs of November 2016, but has not yet recovered the levels in which it went public on June 2, at 35.58 euros. It loses more than 6% since its debut, although 95% of the 23 houses of analysis that follow the value advise to buy or maintain their titles for the medium term.

Telepizza, slight progress for the punishment accumulated
Telepizza has also picked up this year: its shares have jumped more than 9% since the beginning of 2016. But with this advance, the company is far from erasing the losses it has accumulated since its premiere, on April 27th. Since then, their titles have lost 36%. On that day, Telepizza carried out the worst stock market debut in the history of the Spanish Stock Exchange, with a 19% drop.

The company, which returned to the parquet last year after failing to list in 2007, has several challenges, according to analysts. The main thing is to improve their business figures, according to Kepler Cheuvreux. The chain of fast-food restaurants reported losses of 12.4 million euros between January and September, which means multiplying by more than five red numbers registered in the same period of 2015 (2.2 million euros ). This increase was due to the invoice associated with its IPO, which amounted to 32 million euros and was recorded in the second quarter accounts.

However, analysts believe that the punishment has been excessive and think that the prospects around consumption in Spain play in favor of the company. For this reason, 67% of the investment firms that follow the company advises to buy their securities compared to 11% who believe that it is better to undo positions in value. They give it an upside potential of almost 17%, up to 5.8 euros.

Dominion, the best brand since its jump to the parquet
Telepizza’s behavior since its market debut contrasts with that of CIE Automotive’s Global Dominion subsidiary, which also jumped on the parquet on April 27. Its shares are registered more than 24% since then and this year also stands out in positive, accumulating an increase of almost 9%.

The value is consecrated as well as the most profitable IPO that jumped the General Index in 2016 and its escalation will continue, according to analysts. None of the six value-added investment firms are advised to sell their shares, according to Bloomberg. They believe they could rise 8%, to 3.66 euros.

Ahorro Corporación includes the company among its favorites of small values ​​for this year. He justifies this decision in which he expects Dominion to end the year with very positive results, “combining strong organic sales growth with a remarkable contribution margin,” he says.

And by 2017, its forecasts are also optimistic: it estimates that the company will combine a significant growth of sales (19.8%) with the expansion of margins thanks to the improved operating situation of the companies acquired. The firm also does not rule out that the announcement of new acquisitions with strategic fit and at a reasonable price may give more wings to the stock market value. Savings gives you an upside potential of 38%, up to 3.79 euros.

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